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Celebrating 10 Years Making Toys for Children

Posted February 20, 2024

During 2023, Toys for Blessings was able to celebrate the production of 36,109 toys which included a record high production of 31,245 wooden toy cars. Other toys included airplanes, Jacob ladders and tops to name a few.

We were also able to celebrate our 10 year anniversary in 2023 resulting in the production of over 240,000 toys distributed to children throughout the world. The vast majority of these toys were used to fill shoebox gifts shipped worldwide by Operation Christmas Child. In 2023, shoeboxes processed in Operation Christmas Child’s Fullerton, California Processing Center were distributed to children in Mongolia, the Philippines, Thailand, Ukraine, El Salvador, Madagascar, Uruguay and Vanuatu (Pacific Island). Many of those shoebox gifts contained cars made by Toys for Blessings.

Over the years TFB has grown to 10 shops which include California shops in Lake Forest, Orange (2), Tustin, Cypress, Sonoma, Dana Point and shops in Oregon, Idaho and Tennessee. Each of our cars will cost approximately 50 cents to make with the largest expense being the purchase of wooden wheels which we are unable to make. On average, we receive donations covering approximately 60% of our cost which we are thankful for.

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Blessings from the volunteers of Toys for Blessings.