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2021 In Review

Posted February 25, 2022

Despite the second consecutive year dealing with Covid, Toys for Blessings (TFB) volunteers produced 18,521 quality wooden cars in 2021 along with hundreds of other toys including tops, Jacob’s ladders, tic tac toe boards, etc.

Most of these toys were used to fill shoebox gifts shipped by Operation Christmas Child to countries throughout the world. Our toys were included in a portion of shoeboxes sent to the Pacific Islands, Philippines and Mongolia to name a few.

We now have 5 shops located in Lake Forest, Cypress, Orange, and Philomath, Oregon, in addition to a new shop that opened in Sonoma during 2021.

TFB does not exist without the support of our donors and sponsors. As in the past, each of our cars will cost approximately 40 cents to make, with the largest expense being the purchase of wooden wheels which we unable to make. On average, we will receive donations covering between 65 and 85% of our cost which we are thankful for.

Please contact us with any questions that you may have at or use the form at the bottom of our website. We value your comments.

Blessings from the Volunteers of Toys for Blessings.